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110 percent?

by Gieger68 | Dec 16, 2009 | | 393 Comments

I have been watching all the videos that the websites have been putting up lately of the guys getting ready for SX and keep hearing everyone basically say the same thing. The one thing that everyone seems to be doing the same is they are  giving it 110 percent. Is that even possible I wonder to myself. When did it become not good enough to give it 100 percent which is technically all that is possible. I feel like now if someone says they are giving it 100 percent they aren’t trying hard enough. I mean the other guys are trying 10% harder. Heck some are even trying 20 to 50 percent harder. They will probably get slagged and written off on the message boards for not going above and beyond what is mathematically possible. Anyways I just wanted to blog about it so go ahead and write some dumb comments about how this is retarded but at least I’m going to give it 200 percent this year so you wont be able to slag me on here  for that . Merry Christmas! TG


My new Crib

by Gieger68 | Nov 04, 2009 | | 361 Comments

A few months ago transworld did a little video showing everyone my crib. I read a lot of comments from people saying this and that about it. So I thought I would  show you guys my new place I just bought and see if you like it.  check it out on my website



by Gieger68 | Jul 17, 2009 | | 74 Comments

I know everyone thinks their parents are a little crazy but I actually have proof that my mom has reached a new milestone in craziness. She is taking an old banner of me and carrying it around with her and taking pictures of me in different places. Its all for a bit of a laugh and it is pretty hilarious. Here is one of me hanging out with my brother and some of my friends at my parents surf shop. One other thing is that guy holding all the donuts is a badass skateboarder. You don’t even have to know anything about skateboarding to appreciate the skill he has on a board. This is a video from  few years ago and it is epic.













Free Time

by Gieger68 | Jul 01, 2009 | | 663 Comments

When can I start riding again? It seems like forever since I have been on the bike and it has given me plenty of time to do other things. Or at least think about doing other things. In the past few weeks I have gone back to PR, flown out to california for a troy lee designs photo shoot, joined a gym, driven half way up the eastern seaboard and written this blog. One thing that I have always loved doing, and I have been doing a lot of lately, is filming and editing video. I just recently bought a flip mino hd camera and the thing is badass. I carry it everywhere with me and just film stuff. I have been editing a few videos of David Knight this past week of him racing and getting ready for the Snowshoe GNCC. I had driven up to meet him in North Carolina to help him out and watch him take the win. So you guys should check out my youtube page under gigger68. I didn’t mispell that either, I left the E out on purpose. There are some pretty good videos on there or at least I like them. On another note, I am hoping to be back on the bike later next week and hopefully be ready to go for x Games on august 1. see you on the tube. TG


Black Cloud

by Gieger68 | May 13, 2009 | | 152,719 Comments

If it weren’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all. After getting landed on at the first GP in Bulgaria I didn’t think things could actually go worse for me in Portugal. But that is exactly what they did this past weekend.

 I went into Portugal ready to put it all together. I knew it was going to be my weekend. The track looked awesome, my bike setup was good and I just felt it. Qualifying went really well, even though I missed poll again by three tenths of a second. I felt very in control while a lot of the other girls were on the ragged edge. I was very confident going into the first moto. My start was decent in the first moto. I was in about 6th place and trying to make some quick passes to get near the front. I took an inside line coming down one of the hills and passed about three girls in the process. Good line i thought to myself. It was unfortunately when i was heading up the straightaway after taking that line that i clipped a big fence post with my bars and I got slammed to the ground. Before I could figure out what was going on I was running off the track with a visibly snapped wrist. So just like that it was over. My luck had just gotten much worse.

 I am back in the Isle of man for the time while I recover. I was in the hospital yesterday and they had to put me under while they manipulated my bones into place and fastened them together with some wires. So I am sporting a really beautifully colored cast for the next 4 weeks or so and taking it easy. I am hoping to be back for the colorado national but we will see how the healing goes. Injuries are  part of dirtbiking and I am just going to have to deal with my little string of bad luck and hope it turns around in the next few weeks. TG



by Gieger68 | Apr 21, 2009 | | 507 Comments

Here I am again and it has been another couple months since I posted a blog. But it has also been another few months of hectic schedules and crazy traveling for me also. Since I last wrote I have raced my first gncc, been to spain, portugal, france, bulgaria, germany, austria and of course almost every part of the UK, raced a GP, and flown in a fighter jet. Among a bunch of little things along the way. 

 So first things first. I did in fact enter a GNCC race in Florida. David made me go at it full serious also with hand guards and giant gas tank. I felt pretty funny being full on woods racer for a day but it turned out to be worth it. I managed to win the thing by about 5 minutes and got to race in whooped out sand for two and a half hours in the process. Suprisingly it was really enjoyable and I might just do it again next year. 

  After that I flew back to Europe and attended the first two rounds of the world enduro championship. It was really interesting to see what an enduro is actually like since I honestly had no clue what those races were all about. They seem like they would be fun to race because it involves so much different stuff and you really need to know how to ride your bike in everything. I don’t think I could ever learn how to do half the stuff those guys have to do on their bikes just to race an enduro. So I’m thinking I’ll just stick to the motocross thing.

 After that we headed to Bulgaria for the first GP. That is a country that really makes you miss being in America. Or anywhere that actually seems like your safe. We arrived on Friday and had to drive well over two hours to get to the track. Once there we made sure my bike that I was getting from the Utag Yamaha team was ready, as well as signing on and walking the track. On saturday we had two 30 minute practices. In the first practice the fastest times were between me, lancelot, and laier. I was able, on the very last lap, to put down the fastest lap, but that didn’t count for anything unfortunately. It was the second practice that was for qualifying position and it was down to us three again. But again I went out on the last lap and started putting down my fastest lap. I was close to 2 seconds quicker on the first half of the track but on the second half I got caught behind a slower rider and then a yellow flag was out and I missed pole by less then half a second. I ended up taking second position in qualifying. That is where all the good stuff ended for me though. We had our first moto at about six in the afternoon on saturday, due to the live TV broadcast on sunday. Around the first corner i was about 6th place but somehow i got hit from the side and it locked my front brake on and i came out well near the end of the pack. The first lap was chaos back there and it ended with me getting landed on off this big uphill jump. It was my fault entirely because I got cross rutted going off the jump. That was caused by the fact that I couldn’t see any of the ruts because the sun was blazing my eye balls. That pretty much ended that moto for me even though I did manage to work back up to 14th with a bent up bike and all. The next day was not good for me either. I could barely move at all and I just had to try my best. I was near the front off the start but I had no strength in my body to make any passes and settled for 6th. Still I had the third fastest lap time behind lancelot and laier. I’ll just have to wait until portugal to see how I can do actually racing against them. With a better start I hope.

  When we left Bulgaria we flew strait to Austria to visit the RedBull headquarters. The city they are located near is Salzburg and it is one of the coolest cities I have ever been to. Not to mention it seemed like RedBull owned the majority of the stuff there. The coolest thing we got to do was visit Hangar 7. This is a hangar at the airport that they have open to the public and is full of F1 cars, Indy cars, jets, helicopters, a ton of paintings and a load of other stuff I can’t even remember. When we were there we had the priviledge to go up in one of their fighter jets. That’s right I said one of them. They have about 4 amongst a bunch of other old military aircrafts. It was insane and one of the best things I have ever done. I felt like Goose up there looking out for german bogies. Top Gun style. 

 Now I am back in America and its nice to be home. While I am getting used to the Euro style of doing things and learning to eat what you can get, I really enjoy being back here. It won’t be for long though since I’m flying back across the pond on Saturday. I have to race Portugal and then spain the first couple weeks in may and then its strait to glen helen for round 1. wish me luck, hopefully good. TG


Why do I do this?

by Gieger68 | Jan 29, 2009 | | 369 Comments

 Right now in FLorida it is 75 degrees, sunny and beautiful out. The perfect conditions for riding a dirtbike. Where am I? In the freezing and dreary United Kingdom. While 90% of the dirtbiking population wishes they were in Florida riding everyday right now I have chosen to go to one of the most miserable places to do anything outside. I’m just hoping that riding in bad weather with worse track conditions makes it easy when I get back to the USA. It’s good training either way you look at it but I am sad to be missing the only time Florida isn’t a hundred degrees and humid. So to everyone enjoying the beautiful weather back home, ENJOY! But I’m going to be the one smiling when the conditions aren’t perfect when the races come along. Until then. TGa rare sunny day


Happy New Year

by Gieger68 | Jan 06, 2009 | | 6,509 Comments

I hope everyone had an enjoyable new year. The last month has seemed to be non stop for me. I spent the beginning of December in the isle of man training and trying to get faster on my dirtbike. If I wasn’t able to accomplish those things I was definitely able to get used to riding in frigid weather over there. After that David and I flew back to Puerto Rico to spend christmas with my family. It was funny how we went from one extreme temperature to the other. It was really nice to go back home and just sit around for a week though. While I did enjoy being down there, the day couldn’t come soon enough that I could ride my bike again. I only had a couple days after christmas to get a last bit of testing on my 09 before heading to Texas for the wma cup on new year’s day. 

  The WMA cup was held at Freestone county raceway and was a good race to see where I was after all the work I had been doing during the off season. Practice day went really well. I felt solid on the track and my bike was working awesome. I was consistently a couple seconds faster then Patterson all day which I was really pumped about. I felt really smooth on the track and everything was coming really easy even though the track was getting really rough. Things were a little different on race day however and I knew they would be. The track didn’t get rough at all because it was all little bikes and beginners racing on the day we raced. It ended up just being a race at terminal velocity. You could go as fast as your bike would take you and there was nothing to slow you down. The first moto I was trying to play catch up after a mediocre start but was only able to pull in Patterson to about 3 seconds. The second moto I got the hole shot with Patterson in second. I was getting frustrated that I wasn’t able to pull away as quickly as I knew I should. Towards the end of the race I started to break her and get a little lead but I made a dumb mistake and went down handing her the win. It was good to see where I stood after part of the off season and I know I’m on the right track. I have a lot more work ahead of me but I am more driven then ever and hopefully this will be the year I can put it all together. I’l keep you posted and until then, Have FUn! TG


My first time

by Gieger68 | Oct 29, 2008 | | 6,706 Comments

Now that I have sparked your attention I am talking about my first time at a GNCC race. This past weekend David Knight invited me up to come watch him give quad racing a go. I happily agreed to head up to Indiana and give Knighter hell for getting on one of those things and riding it in public none the less. I’m sorry if any of you reading this ride four wheelers but I really do hate those things. If any of you ever get on a dirtbike you will understand why. Anyways the GNCC was like being in a different world compared to an AMA motocross event. Everyone is so laid back there and just lets you do your thing and trusts that you are smart enough to not get killed. At an outdoor national I swear it seams they are just looking for any excuse to kick you out or yell at you for something. It really is a whole different atmosphere and vibe. Well back to making fun of David Knight for riding a quad. Once his race started I headed out into the woods and continued to give him crap with the pit board. He wasn’t taking it too seriously though because he would pull over and get some drink of redbull or eat some chocolate whenever he saw me. It was all in good fun and when he did put down a serious lap he was 4th quickest for the day. Not too shabby really. In all I really enjoyed my first GNCC race and I might even show up at the one in Florida next year to race since it is only about 20 miles from my house. WHISKY! TG


little down time

by Gieger68 | Oct 09, 2008 | | 368 Comments

Now that my season is pretty much over I had to head down to Puerto Rico to visit the Fam and do some surfing. I know what your thinking and yes it is a burden for me to come down to a beautiful island and play in the warm water. I’m just kidding. I love when I can get away and come see everybody. One of the best things about coming back is getting to see all my dogs. I grew up with animals and it sucks that I cant have a dog of my own up in Florida. Something about how I travel too much and wouldn’t be able to take care of it. Its just a bunch of politics I swear. I’ll just blame it on the oil companies. Anyways the waves have been pretty crappy since I have been here so I have been playing with the doggies a lot and put together a little video of my brothers jack russell being a